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ACNT health and nutrition courses online

Health and Nutrition Courses Online

This popular study mode offers the ultimate flexibility. Teaching and learning take place online rather than in a classroom, allowing for complete flexibility to study when and where you want. In many ways it is more personalised and intimate than a traditional classroom-based environment.

To suit your needs, ACNT offers a number of its health and nutrition courses distance education in a full-time or part-time capacity.*

Courses Available via Distance Education include:

Key Benefits

  • Nationally-Recognised, Industry-Driven Courses
  • Flexible Learning
  • Affordable Pricing
  • High-Level Support

Reasons why many individuals choose to study online include:

  • Nationally-accredited qualifications
  • Responsive, one-on-one personalised tutorial support and service
  • High-Quality curriculum and learning materials designed for learning anywhere anytime
  • Facilitated communication between students, academics and support staff
  • Online students receive the same quality qualification as on-campus students
  • Access to one of the largest online library in Australia with over 70 million articles available Industry experience
  • VET FEE-HELP available on eligible courses, meaning no up-front tuition costs.

How does it all work?

Firstly, you receive a detailed orientation program to explain how distance education at ACNT works. Then you will receive comprehensive learning materials (in printed and electronic form) to guide you through your subjects.

Distance learning allows you to:

  • Submit your assessments securely online
  • Connect with lecturers and fellow students via group activities and communication channels in a learning community
  • You may be required to purchase additional textbooks or organise supervisors for your external examinations.

What about support?
Throughout your studies at ACNT you will have access to:

  • A dedicated team of distance education tutors to answer any questions you may have
  • A friendly team of distance education student support officers to assist you with any administrative issues you may face during your studies
  • Connect with lecturers and fellow students via communication channels in a learning community

How do I gain clinical practice experience?

Obtaining clinical experience is an essential part of many ACNT courses. As a distance education student you will need to find an approved clinical placement. This may involve working under the supervision of an accredited practitioner or as part of a health and wellness clinic.

Your orientation materials provide further details on how to obtain an approved clinical placement. ACNT's Clinical Placement Coordinator can also provide assistance in finding a clinical placement. We recommend that you discuss your clinical placement options with us prior to commencing your course.

Interested in our distance learning? We recommend that you have:

  • Access to a computer with internet access;
  • Access to video recording facilities; and
  • Discussed your Clinic Placement options with a Course and Careers Advisor before starting the course
  • Access to an independent professional who can provide exam supervision.

Part-time courses*

  • Part-time student options are available for some ACNT courses.
  • Part-time study options are only available to Australian students studying by distance education.
  • As a part-time student you will undertake a lower study load in each study period. If you require further information about ACNT's part-time study options, please contact an ACNT Course and Careers Advisor.

* Please note: courses are only available to Australian students. Full-time and part-time modes are available but not all courses are offered in the part-time mode. Please contact your course and careers advisor for more information. As a part-time student your study period will be twice the number of weeks normally scheduled.

Important Information Regarding Online Courses

What is changing and why?

In an effort to make online learning easier for all students, as well as providing greater involvement with online techniques and capabilities, we have upgraded our online learning model and delivery platform.

The Learning Model
What you have experienced to date is a ‘distance learning’ model. You did a lot of the work on your own with paper based guides and text books with some support from academic staff.

We are upgrading to a fully facilitated online learning experience called Blackboard which parallels the study of our on-campus students. We’re excited about this change and think it will help you study with greater convenience, flexibility, support and collaboration.

The Learning Platform
Learning is not just about content; that’s why we have moved to Blackboard. This learning platform reflects the advancements made in online learning over recent years, provides for more opportunity to interact with your lecturers and your peers, and includes you into a learning community.

Blackboard is also available on mobile devices, which makes it easier to study anywhere, anytime.

This video will demonstrate some of the advantages of the new system:

Is my timetable different?

Yes for our current students transferring to Blackboard, your timetable has been simplified and adjusted to align with the standard on-campus 12-week trimester study calendar, which will bring greater unity between online and on-campus students and between our eight colleges. Discard your old timetable and start using the new one. We hope these timetable changes are not inconvenient for you.

Will I still be sent textbooks?

There’s no longer any need to send you textbooks. Blackboard contains all the resources you need to complete the course in one place that can be accessed at any time. This includes textbook readings, video, lectures, audio, presentations, links, charts and much more. We are moving away from textbook-based learning in favour of the convenience of digital media and online collaboration, and we encourage you to study with this change in mind.

Will the new course cost me more?

For most students, the only circumstances that require you to pay again are if you pass Census Date without completing the course and choose to re-enrol into a subject.

Has my study block end date changed?

All students can check their Study Block end date in Student Portal.

Study Blocks are now 12 months long, with teaching focused in three 12 week trimesters from February, June & September each year. You still have until your Study Block End Date to submit your work however we strongly recommend you follow your lecturers and classmates through the new structure to make the most out of their expertise.

Can I get an extension for this subject? I waited for Blackboard and now I’m behind because my study block end date is the same.

In this situation, some students have been advised different information so extensions are likely depending on your situation – but do not rely on a blanket extension. Try to have all your work completed, or as ready as possible, as evidence that you have continued to engage with the coursework.

We're confident that you will quickly engage with the new Blackboard system; it’s intuitive, fun, and a serious upgrade from our past system. We’ll also be keeping track of a selection of students to ensure you are all engaging with the system as planned.

How will I see my grades?

From 26 May, your grades will continue to appear in Student Portal. Any subject that does not have a final grade in Student Portal, you will see in Blackboard.

Some marking may still be underway for recently submitted assessment, check both Student Portal. and Blackboard for your grade. Liaise with your lecturer if necessary.

Once you know you have passed, continue with your new class through Blackboard.

What am I doing from 2nd of June?

From the 2nd of June your new way of learning will begin through ‘Blackboard’. Not all subjects will be facilitated yet as we want you to focus on a few subjects at a time to make sure it works as planned. You will be able to see which classes are included the first time you log in to the new Blackboard system.

You can check your new Study Order Timetable which was attached to the information email we sent to you sent on the 14th May.

Why am I starting on the 2nd June?

We are changing all online timetables to align with on-campus timetables. This will provide greater convenience for everyone - students, teachers and administrative staff. We are moving toward a model where any student can study with flexibility, and to do this we need to align a few dates and processes so that everything works in unison.

I can’t see my entire Block in Blackboard!

From the 2nd of June you will only see the current trimester’s classes. New features and information will be released over the course of the trimester. If you only see courses you are sure have been completed, contact Online Student Services and they will release your current classes.

My Offer Letter does not take into account any Course Credit I have!

Our Offer Letters are generic and they refer to the entire cost of the course. Please rest assured that any Course Credit you have will mean you pay less for your new course. We will apply this fee credit when you accept your offer letter and are enrolled into the new course.

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