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ACNT Alumni

ACNT Alumni

Welcome to the Australasian College of Natural Therapies Alumni community.

Wherever alumni's are around the world, graduates of ACNT continue to influence their environments with a deep appreciation for the natural therapies both personally and in their working lives. Daily, ACNT graduates are generally committed to upholding excellence in the fields of natural health and physical health.

ACNT Alumni encourages ongoing involvement and facilitates community networking, while keeping former graduates updated on college information and community engagements. This service helps you to connect with fellow colleagues and gain insight into life after ACNT.

What is the ACNT Alumni?

ACNT Alumni is a membership organisation that promotes graduate awareness of ACNT Alumni services and through these initiatives endeavours to enhance the graduate experience.

How can students be alumni?

At ACNT, after completion of a course or module, you are considered an alumnus or alumna, and therefore, part of our Alumni community!

What benefits are there for ACNT Alumni?

- ACNT Alumni can receive career services.
- ACNT Alumni can receive electronic newsletters quarterly.
- ACNT Alumni can receive library privileges.
- ACNT Alumni can be involved with ACNT mentoring. Members will also participate in community service projects, and professional development workshops / forums.

Alumni Grant

This is awarded to recognise a member of the active alumni who has made an outstanding contribution in the field of their expertise and where the contribution of the college can be acknowledged.

Contact Information

If you wish to sign up to become an ACNT alumni member or you would like to know more please email us at or join our alumni group on Linkedin

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