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Think: Education Group

Welcome to the education revolution

Think: Education Group includes some of Australia's most respected colleges, covering a diverse range of specialist courses – from Diplomas in Business to Degrees in Design.

Our world is crying out for leaders to solve our many social, financial, environmental and health-related problems.

At Think Education Group we believe in education for a purpose, and that purpose is employability, entrepreneurship, challenging the status quo and doing good.

With these beliefs in hand, we teach more than 9,500 students from our campuses across NSW, Victoria and Queensland as well as our many students who choose to study online.

The Think: Education Group includes some of Australia's iconic education brands including:

BBCD ACNT APM JNI William Blue College of Hospitality Management CATC ANCB SSNT

How we think:

By joining a college of the Think Education Group, our students become part of something bigger: a community where skills are nurtured, passion is harnessed and potential is everything.

Here, practical skills are taught by those who live and breathe the field; work doesn’t have to wait until graduation; and making a difference is not just a catch phrase.

#1 At Think, everyone goes to work.

Our graduates are employed, self employed or social entrepreneurs. But we don’t just provide opportunities for our students; we help make them happen.

Through internships, industry placements, our on campus clinics and incubator pods, and courses which nurture independent thinkers, our graduates are a triple threat: phenomenal in their discipline, highly employable, and socially aware.

By 2015, our goal is that 80 per cent of our students will go to work through industry placements or internships. By 2020, this will increase to 100 per cent.

#2 At Think, everyone chooses how and where they learn.

We’re moving to an era where out-of-hours doesn’t exist, and rigid structures about how study ‘should’ be done are gone. Study with us online and no kitchen table or corner cafe will be off limits.

Prefer bricks and mortar to life in the cloud? Our two brand new campuses in Sydney and Brisbane will be ready for a will be ready for a new generation of learners in June 2014. Providing 24 hour access for students, Think's campuses are a reminder of what’s coming: soon, every student in every college will have the opportunity to learn online, on campus or both. After all, have you tried conducting a revolution within office hours?

By 2015, our goal is that all courses in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane will be delivered flexibly through a combination of outstanding 24 hour online and on campus experiences. By 2020, other cities will follow.

#3 At Think, everyone has an edge.

Our graduates are hungry for success, and we’re unflinching in our quest to help them achieve it, whether it’s through awards or remuneration, introductions to industry or in helping them give back to the community.

Think receives global recognition in the education industry: in 2012 Think won the ACPET Higher Education Provider of the Year award. Our experience, innovative thinking, and understanding of industry means our goal that graduates receive higher starting salaries than their peers is tracking well.

For our many graduates who choose entrepreneurship or social entrepreneurship instead of more traditional positions, we'll even provide their first office. It comes in the form of the new incubator pods scattered around our campuses; these mobile units are the perfect way for our community to begin sharing its newly honed skills with others.

By 2015, our goal is for graduates to earn 5 per cent higher than average starting salary compared to other graduates in their field. By 2020 this will rise to 10 per cent.

#4 At Think, everyone can change their world.

First? Only? Best? You’ll find them all within our walls. But you’ll also find the misfits and the agitators. The creators and the doers. The square pegs in the round holes. Here, passion and innovation prevail, and where we see real passion, we don’t mind how it’s packaged.

We believe education should make the world a better place. From designing shelters for natural disaster relief through to using beauty knowledge to help chemotherapy patients care for their skin, our students are creative thinkers and generous community members.

As we continue to give our students the skills to change the world; we are standing up alongside them, to fight for what’s right, and make this change a reality.

By 2015, each year 150 students will complete an interdisciplinary ‘real world challenges and solutions’ project in either social entrepreneurship or sustainability. By 2020, every Think student will participate.

Awards and accreditation

Think: Colleges Pty Ltd is a private Higher Education Institution accredited by the NSW Department of Education and Training (DET) and a registered training organisation with national qualifications and courses accredited by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). Currently Think: Colleges delivers Higher Education courses in Queensland through mutual recognition by DET and delivers in Victoria through mutual recognition by VRQA. The DET is the only accreditation authority in the State of NSW listed on the Australian Qualifications Framework Register, authorised via the NSW Higher Education Act (2001) to accredit private providers of higher education. ASQA is the only national accreditation authority for the State of NSW authorised via the National Vocational Education and Training Act (2011) and related legislation to accredit private providers of vocational education and training. Qualifications for overseas students are awarded by Think: Colleges Pty Ltd.

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